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:: SUMMER OF LOVE 2018 ::
!!! Our digi-EP has been released !!! !!! ENJOY !!!
JARMO SAARI REPUBLIC: "Helsinki Mavericks" (Membran 2018)

4.7.2018 :: New release coming! ::
FRIDAY the 13th will be A MAGICAL DAY for JSR ! ! !
MEMBRAN will release and distribute our 5 piece digi-EP
featuring TIMO LASSY from the same label on two tracks.

EP cover graphics by Ville Tietäväinen, photos py Tero Vuorinen

8.6.2018 :: JUNE ::
ARCTIC PARADISE next week. Looking forward meeting ALL the guests,
having a great time and hearing good music. Cannot wait!

25.5.2018 :: MAY ::
PORI JAZZ announced our performance at the main stage
on the 19th of July! See you there!
This is our great new photo by Tero Vuorinen!

17.4.2018 :: APRIL ::
Getting ready for JAZZAHEAD in Bremen to represent JSR.

Great photo studio shooting session with Tero Vuorinen at ArtLab. Watch out!


8.3.2018 :: March news! ::
Our first music & dance short film THE WUNDERERS will be shown
at the Loikka Dance Film Festival on Sat the7th of April!
More KOKOJazz/Theatre dates for a double bill night
with the film and a dance theatre piece Jatkot in May.

Tremolo, please: our next concert will be the
Arctic Paradise showcase on the 15th of June in Helsinki!

20.12.2017 :: Great moments ::

Live photos by Ankku Ronkainen; THANKS!!!

18.8.2017 :: Mixing can be fun ::
We have about 10 really good sounding mixes now.
It is very slow, detailed work, but I just love it.
All the nuances come up and the vision appears!
Photos on their way!

Tremolo, please:
A music and dance film THE WUNDERERS featuring NEW
Jarmo Saari Republic music will be premiered at
KokoJazzClub/KokoTeatteri in November 2017!

8.3.2017 :: Mamba in charge !!! ::
Went through all the demos and raw mixes.
Mamba came up with a list of things to do!

I have worked hard at ArtLab with loops and samples.
Some serious studio magic will also be happening.

8.11.2016 :: Meeting !!! ::
A meeting with Mamba to see where we are
at the moment. So many methods to try out.

Two great residence weeks at Villa Vikan.
Composing and filming too. What beautiful autumn!
The short film idea and its music are developing!

1.8.2016 :: Back together again at Keitele !!! ::
What a joy to perform a very relaxed yet intensive
gig at Keitele Jazz for a fine audience! Live magic

Now new plans for a short film!!

23.6.2016 :: Special moments and live experiments !!! ::
Our sessions at Ambience Studios turned out very fruitful.
Going through our first experimental recordings in awe.
Our method is very spontaneous and the fengshui at the studio
was wonderful. We are looking forward sharing those moments
with you one day!

22.9.2015 :: New plans !!! ::
Republic will return to studio: sessions at Ambience Studios
in October to start fantasizing new ideas.
Welcome to Allotria to hear us live the 9th of Oct, 7pm!

18.5.2015 :: Savoy triumph !!! ::
The concert at the Savoy Theatre was amazing with Timo Lassy
on tenor sax, Tommy Lindgren as a surprise guest on vocals
and rap; not to mention Sini Länsivuori, Henrikki Heikkilä
and Tero Saarinen with their stunning contemporary dance!
Valo Virtanen and Heikki Iso-Ahola made brilliant visuals and
sound mixing. That is how art should resonate!

The evening was capture on film with 3 cameras by Janne Laiho
and Kimmo Koskinen for further use. The Savoy stuff encouraged
us and made us feel welcome. Thank you everyone for the
co-operation and all the wonderful feedback from the great
audience. Photos by Anna Fioretti. Cheers!

I will start writing new music for Republic this summer!

20.1.2015 :: GOOD START !!! ::
Jarmo Saari Republic feat Timo Lassy & Tero Saarinen Company
at Savoy, Helsinki on the 17th of April!

Jarmo Saari Republic album got nominated for the Emma Prize in the
”Best Jazz Album of the Year 2014” category. Watch our introduction!
Emma Gala will be held at Barona Areena on the 27th of February 2015.

15.12.2014 :: 2015 coming up !!! ::

Getting ready for a big bang in April with new material and guests.
Be aware!

Check out brand new solo album by Olavi: Existence (Eclipse Music)!

7.11.2014 :: DIG ::
Tavastia the 23 of September was unforgettable and so was
DIG on the 29th of October with Joonas Riippa substituting Olavi.

New plans, new concepts, new music haunting in our heads.

Viljandi Guitar Festival was awesome, too! Aitäh!

26.8.2014 :: TAVASTIA ::
Our first gig in Helsinki at TAVASTIA on the 23rd of September is confirmed!
Spread the word and bring your friends! It will be pure magic with Mamba,
Kuoppis and Olavi + Sam Huber & Tommy Lindgren as our guest soloists.
Heikki Iso-Ahola will do the mix and Valo Virtanen is on the visuals!

13.8.2014 :: GONNA HAVE GIGS ::
Summer is/was great, hot and fun. We are about to announce our future plans!

13.5.2014 :: ON THE ROAD ::
This documentary ALBUM TRAILER celebrates our record release and
tour in Finland. Tornio, Oulu, Kuopio and Joensuu, SO FAR!

2.5.2014 :: ALBUM RELEASE TODAY ::
Our Jarmo Saari Republic album will be released TODAY!!!

HERE is our 1st album review.

1.3.2014 :: FINAL TOUCHES ::
6 days of mixing the album at HIP studios! I’m so excited!

14.2.2014 :: ALBUM TO BE BORN ::
Making final touches with our debut album.
We had incredible moments with the 3 drummers in Finnvox Studios.
Sam Huber (Eternal Erection), Tim Ries (The Rolling Stones)
Tommy Lindgren and Johanna Iivanainen already contributed with finesse!

If you like The Headhunters, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck,
Peter Gabriel… you’ll love it!
Can’t wait to share this diamond with you!!

17.11.2013 :: THE REPUBLIC ::
We had a blast at Tampere Jazz Happening the 3rd of November! Wow!
Thanks to the staff, Kuhna, Tapio, Clint, Ninni, Atte, Nina, Jay, Kati etc.
And check these cats out:

Jarmon Saarella Club @ Allotria had the greatest EVER endind night with
Jorma Hynninen and Niko Kumpuvaara! See you next year!

15.9.2013 :: THE WORLD PREMIER ::
I have a brand new band: Jarmo Saari Republic with
Abdissa "Mamba" Assefa, Sami Kuoppamäki and Olavi Louhivuori.
First gig at Tampere Jazz Happening the 3rd of November!
Already recording demos in my new studio.
Fotos by Sami Mannerheimo . . . Be aware!

Wonderful gigs in August (among others):
RedDress (feat Pekka Kuusisto, Jukka Perko, Samuli Kosminen, me & dancers)
Jarmon saarella club opening feat Milla Viljamaa

14.8.2013 :: SUMMER OF 2013 ::
Great gigs at Koli Communal Art Festival, Le Petit Festival (Dubrovnik,
Croatia), Korppoo Jazz and Crusell (Uusikaupunki) among others
with different ensembles. Obrigado!

Now moving to my brand new working space and recording with
the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

1.3.2013 :: PISCES ::
Fantastic trips to Spain: Barcelona & Tarragona
and Italy: Milan, Reggio Emilia & Genoa! Lots of new music coming up!
Tero Saarinen Company performance at Reggio Emilia was great!
And "Grazie & Ciao" to my new MoSamba buddies in Genoa; Joao Choneca & co!

The premier of "Kerron sinulle kaiken" is due next week.
You'll love this movie! And I'm very pleased with the music score!

My important mentor and colleague Jukka Hakoköngäs passed away. Rest in peace.

18.12.2012 :: SUOMI-PALKINTO ! ! ! ::
I feel so honored having received the SUOMI-PALKINTO!
Thank You for being there, support and all your congratulations.

"Martta ja Rudolf" in Turku was fantastic! Thank You TFO, Jukka and the rest!